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Contacting our Pastor, Office Manager, and Webmaster

Because of the inordinate amount of spam that has recently been received via our email contact forms, please direct all inquiries to Father McHugh, Erin Braddock, and Chris Tino to the email address for the parish: gsch@ptd.net. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

ATTENTION: Graduating High School Seniors of Good Shepherd Church

The Women of Good Shepherd Church proudly announce a scholarship for graduating high school seniors. To access the application form (PDF format), go to the “Downloads” page of our website. Deadline for submitting completed application is May 15th.

Presentation of the scholarship will take place at the 10:00 Mass honoring our graduating seniors on June 7th.

From the Pastor…Fr. McHugh

Lenten and Easter Videos and Books

  • The Passion and Death of Jesus – this set contains one DVD and two audio CDs by Fr. Raymond Brown on the Passion narratives of the four Gospels. Fr. Brown begins his CDs by speaking about the Passion narratives in general. The introduction and Mark and Matthew’s Passion narratives are on one CD and Luke and John are on the other. Similarities and differences in the accounts of the four Passion narratives are analyzed. Fr. Brown offers a concise summary of his massive work, The Death of the Messiah, in the CDs. The CDs are filled with unique insights and connections that are extremely helpful in understanding the Passion narratives. The DVD was filmed in 1995 – three years before the death of Fr. Brown. For those who desire a thorough understanding of the Passion narratives, Fr. Brown’s The Passion and Death of Jesus should top the list.
  • The Characters of the Crucifixion by Joseph Fichtner, c.2000, by the Order of St. Benedict Inc., Collegeville, Minnesota. Fichtner presents an interesting look at the characters for and against Jesus during His Passion and death. Among the groups examined are the high priests, the crowd of spectators, the Roman soldiers and the women of Jerusalem. Four or five pages are given to the groups and individuals who are prominent in the Passion. Though not a Scripture scholar, Fichtner offers interesting depictions of individuals and groups.
  • Lent and Easter Wisdom from St. Thérèse of Lisieux, Liguori Publications, Liguori, Missouri, c. 2015, by John Cleary. This new book is part of a Lenten and Easter series from various well-known spiritual writers such as Pope John Paul II, Bishop Sheen, Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, St. Ignatius Loyola, etc. Wisdom from St. Thérèse offers quotes from her great work, The Story of a Soul, Scripture selections, related prayers and suggested practical action. The book treats Ash Wednesday through the second Sunday of Easter. I found the book quite helpful. St. Thérèse was a profound spiritual thinker. John Cleary provides a nice arrangement of Scripture passages, prayers and suggested action after passages from St. Thérèse’s The Story of a Soul.
  • A Risen Christ in Eastertime by Fr. Raymond Brown, c. 1991, by the Order of St. Benedict, published by Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota. Fr. Brown is almost always my first choice for any biblical topic. He has both an outstanding knowledge of Scripture, a great ability to connect different passages and offer unique insights. In the book Fr. Brown offers five chapters on the resurrection – one each on Mark, Matthew and Luke and two on John’s resurrection accounts. Fr. Brown offers separate chapters on John 20 and John 21. John 20 is viewed as the original ending of the Gospel and 21 is viewed as an appendix added on to the original. Chapter 21 does not take up from the ending of Chapter 20, but instead offers new, unrelated materials. This is a great short book for studying resurrection and empty tomb passages.

Know Your Parish Council

Go to the Pastoral Council section of our website (use navigation bar on the left side of this page) to learn about this ministry and to see an updated list of Council members. You will also find a nomination form there which you may submit online if you are interested in serving on the Good Shepherd Parish Council.

Bingo at Good Shepherd Church

Bingo every Tuesday evening at Good Shepherd. Doors open at 5:00 PM, games start at 6:00 PM.

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Ministry Schedules

All current ministry schedules are available on the “Downloads” page of our website:

From Our Music Ministry: Hymn and Responsorial Psalm Selections (April 5 to May 24, 2015)

The Hymn Selections and Responsorial Psalm Selections for February 18 (Ash Wednesday) to April 3 (Good Friday), 2015, are now available on the “Downloads” page of our website.

Looking for St. John Bosco Information?

Because Good Shepherd Church and St. John Bosco Church of Conyngham, Pennsylvania are no longer “linked,” you will note that this site is devoted to matters related primarily to Good Shepherd Church. You may visit the St. John Bosco website at www.stjohnboscochurch.org or contact them by phone at (570) 788-1997, or email: stjb@ptd.net.